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Welcome to Sun Bicycles Nashville!

At Sun Bicycles Nashville, it's ALL about the bike and the best and most comfortable ride available - all day, every day. We are on top of the latest technologies, materials and styles. When a Sun recumbent bicycle exits our doors, it's a bicycle we are proud of, one we'd want to ride ourselves. We strive to help each rider find the best bike design and best fit for the way they like to ride.

All bikes can be fitted with custom accessories. Ask about accessories available for your particular recumbent. We recommend a left sided mirror, safety flag, wireless speedometer, and bell for basics on a new bike. We sell all recumbents in Nashville, TN and cannot ship newly assembled bikes out of state. Riders ordering Tadpoles need to be present for steering and leg adjustments, custom chain lengths, and check ride with safety tips for that particular model.


Riding and comparing the different designed recumbents helps select the right bike for you, the one that fits YOU the best, and is the most fun to ride. An appointment is advised, as most demos take 1.5 hours to discuss features and ride 3-4 designs. Check the weather and call us at 615-889-5000 for an appointment.

Bikes must be picked up at our location in Nashville, TN, and are not shippable after assembly. They must be adjusted for leg length and proper backrest angle with the rider. Most can be carried in a van, pickup truck, small lawn trailer, recumbent trike hitch, or large SUV.

If you are within driving distance or in the middle Tennessee area, call us! Delivery is available up to a 50 mile radius.

Dennis Carney | (615) 889-5000

Sun Recumbent EZ-3 Tadpole



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  - New! Recumbent Trike Rack Hauler
- Fenders
- Trailer Hitch for Recumbents
- Fairings
- Trainer
- Canopy
- EZ Quadribent Kit

Sun Three-Wheel Recumbent Trikes:
• EZ-Tri Classic SX – $899.99
• X3 AX Trike – $1499.99
• Eurus-3 UAX – $1599.99

Sun Three-Wheel USX Trikes:
• EZ-3 USX HD Trike – $1299.99

Sun Three-Wheel Tadpoles:
• EZ-3 SX Tadpole – $1269.99
• T3 CX Tadpole – $1449.99

Sun Two-Wheel Recumbent Bikes:
• EZ Classic SX – $899.99
• EZ Sport CX – $1099.99
• EZ Sport AX – $1299.99
• Zephyr – $1399.99
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