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Recumbent Bike SAFETY TIPS

Tip #1:
Always keep your tires at the correct pressure.

EZ-3: 65psi
EZ-3 Tadpole SX: 65psi
EZ-3 Tadpole CS: 100psi
EZ-3 USX-HD: 110psi
Eurus: 100psi

Each time you ride 5-10 miles the tubes will lose a few pounds. If the tires are sitting in storage and not ridden, they still lose up to 1-2 pounds per week. This can add up to a flat if you haven't checked the tire pressure over a few weeks. Always carry a pressure gauge and check before a ride. Smart riders carry an extra tube, tire levers, and a small hand pump.

Tip #2:
Before each ride, visually check the front tire quick release lever to insure it has not been bumped in transporting your bike to the greenway.

Tip #3:
Don't forget to set the parking brake before exiting the seat.

Tip #4:
Run a safety flag. Recumbents are not visible behind cars in a parking lot, and the only way a car backing out of a trailhead can see you is a safety flag taller than the highest obstruction.

Tip #4:
Carry extra water, and start drinking it BEFORE the ride, as dehydration occurs before you start feeling tired.

Tip #5:
If turning curves at speed on a recumbent, lean forward a few inches and raise you back out of the deep seat back, then lean into the turn a foot of so as if riding a two wheel bike. This shifts your CG and will help to keep all three wheels on the ground. Keeping your back stiff and rigid during a turn only works on turns under 8-10mph.

Tip #6:
Use GT-85 or a good quality silicone spray on the front and rear gears and chain. Never use WD-40 as it allows more dirt and dust to accumulate and form a dark thick greasy film.

Tip #7:
Get a good quality rear view mirror to reduce turning your head to the rear to check traffic.

Tip #8:
Use a bell to warn walkers you are coming up behind them at a faster speed. The high pitched bell travels well over wind noise and nature sounds much better than lower frequency voice.
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