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Solving Health Problems
with Recumbent Bikes

- Handicapped Bikers
- Disabled Riders
- Rehabilitative & Functional Exercise
- Physical Therapy
- Adaptive Devices

Knee Joint Replacements

Many of our customers that have had one or two knee joints replaced have been sent to us by their orthopaedics doctor recommending exercise of the muscles around the joint without jogging or pounding the area excessively after surgery.

The EZ-3, X-3, Tadpole and USX three wheel recumbent bikes do that well. The rider can build muscle back and extend the joint throw using smooth pedal action. If the leg muscles are weak on hills, they simple gear down a few gears and go slower, but use less pressure. Reduce the joint stress and still continue your exercise!

Back Problems

Most riders with lower back pain, that cannot lean forward and ride a normal bike, can ride a recumbent. The EZ soft mesh seat back gives lower and upper back support while the rider is laying back with less stress on the neck and back.

We have a lot of clients that gave up riding their two wheelers completely, but found they were able to ride the recumbents with lumbar back support with no problems. Neither are they leaning forward, staining their neck and back. They have less stress, less strain, and more lumbar back support on the recumbent bike, compared with no support on the traditional bike.

Weak Legs

In some instances, from problems caused from diabetes, polio, or nerve injuries, riders can handle the recumbents by adding a pedal foot or toe clamp, therefore keeping both feet solid on the pedals on the back turn, and safely applying pressure constantly without slipping. Not only are they getting great cardiovascular exercise, but they are building leg muscles at the same time.

Height Restrictions

Depending on the recumbent bike model, most riders from 5'1" up to 6'4" can ride in comfort, since the seat adjusts forward and backward, the backrest moves to any angle and the handlebars can adjust up, down, forward and backward.

Age Range

At the moment, we have had 3 wheel recumbent riders from 9 years of age up to 87 years of age!

Weight Range Limitations

Most bikes have a recommended maximum frame weight of 250 pounds. The USX-HD can support a rider up to 400 pounds with it's 110 psi tires, and adjustable shock.

Should you have questions concerning any of these, call for a demo ride to verify the bike in mind will work with your leg length, weight range, and seat adjustment range.

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