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At Sun Bicycles Nashville, it’s ALL about the bike and the best and most comfortable ride available – all day, every day. We are on top of the latest technologies, materials and styles. When a Sun recumbent bicycle exits our doors, it’s a bicycle we are proud of, one we’d want to ride ourselves. We strive to help each rider find the best bike design and best fit for the way they like to ride.

All bikes can be fitted with custom accessories. Ask about accessories available for your particular recumbent. We recommend a left sided mirror, safety flag, wireless speedometer, and bell for basics on a new bike. We sell all recumbents in Nashville, TN and cannot ship newly assembled bikes out of state. Riders ordering Tadpoles need to be present for steering and leg adjustments, custom chain lengths, and check ride with safety tips for that particular model.

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Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike


Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike


Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike


Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike

The Best In Trikes

If riding a recumbent is easy and comfortable, then riding a recumbent trike is even better!

“I had good control while riding down the street. After the third time up and down the street I thought: “Yeah baby, this is wonderful and I’m hooked!” ~ excerpt from Recumbent & Tandem Rider Magazine

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Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike

Sun TriClassic SX

21 Speed • Disc Brake • Parking Brake • Adjustable Seat Back and Seat Bottom


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Product Details

  • Wheel Base: 56.5” (143cm)
  • Overall Length: 73” (185cm)
  • Width: 30.5” (77.5cm)
  • Seat Height: 22” (56cm)
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • X-Seam 32 – 48”

Product Description

This recumbent trike has an extremely comfortable seat back and seat bottom that is wide and padded for long trips or short hauls. The seat back can be adjusted with four velcro straps to control the lumbar curve of your back support. This seat back is great for riders with lower back problems.

It has a 14″ wide, 2.5″ foam seat bottom for long comfortable rides.

Two water holders connectors come on the seat back and handle bars, plus accessories are available to add baskets behind the seat, mirrors, wind fairings and safety flags.

The SX has the tightest turning radius of any of the recumbents making possible 360 degree, zero turn radius turns. It comes with a disc brake plus standard brake, and parking brake.

With a 21 speed gear box, you can easily climbs hills and hit 20-30mph speeds on straight and level greenways.
The seat is 18” high making it very easy to get on and off quickly.

This trike can handle a rider from 5’3″ to 6’2″.

Call for a demo ride at our facility!

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Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike

Sun Tadpole SX

24 Speed • Dual Disc Brakes • Two Parking Brakes • Adjustable Seat Back and Seat Bottom


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Product Details

  • Wheel Base: 40” (101.6cm)
  • Overall Length: 65” (165.1cm) – 73” (185cm)
  • Width: 32” (81cm)
  • Seat Height: 14” (35.56cm)
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • X-Seam: 33 – 47”

Product Description

The EZ Tadpole SX has a low center of gravity that handles like a go-cart. Quick steering, and excellent dual disc brakes. It can climb hills well and with 24 speeds, move on out with excellent speed on the high end.
It has an extremely comfortable seat, with slotted seat angle adjustment requiring no tools to adjust on the trail, and direct steering for a sports car type of ride.

The seat bottom can be adjusted forward and backward to fit riders from 5’5″ to 6’1″.
The seat back can also be adjusted and angled to fit the rider perfectly, plus the four velcro straps on the seat back mesh can be tensioned for lumbar support, and riders with back problems.

This model has dual parking brakes, one on each handle bar.

Call for a demo ride at our facility!

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Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike

Eco-Tad SX Tadpole

7 Speed • Two Parking Brakes • Dual Disc Brakes • Adjustable Seat


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Product Details

  • Wheel Base: 37.5”
  • Overall Length: 70.5” – 78 3/4″
  • Width: 31″
  • Seat Height: 15” – 17″
  • Weight Limit: 300lbs
  • X-Seam: 30″ – 52”

Product Description

The Eco Tad SX is the newest edition to the Sun Seeker tadpole trike family.
This is our most affordable tadpole trike, but just because its affordable doesn’t mean that it’s not full of features.
It has a fully adjustable mesh-back saddle with a padded bottom that keeps you cool and comfortable on long outings, plus two disc brakes and a parking brake.
There are four spare bottle mounts on the seat frame to let you carry plenty of hydration for the long hauls.

Call for a demo ride at our facility!

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Three-Wheel Recumbent Trike


21 Speed • Dual Disc Brakes • Parking Brake • Adjustable Seat Back and Seat Bottom • Shock Absorber in Frame


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Product Details

  • Wheel Base: 59.5” (151cm)
  • Overall Length: 78” (198cm)
  • Width: 32” (81cm)
  • Seat Height: 18” (45cm)
  • Weight Limit: 400lbs
  • X-Seam 36″ – 47”

Product Description

For riders up to 6′ 6″!

The EZ-3 USX HD provides all the stability and control available in recumbent trike technology while offering a little more thrill. And when we say HD we mean heavy duty, with 110 psi tires, 48 spoke wheels with double-wall rims, this trike will handle 400 pounds.

Setting this trike apart from others is its low center of gravity attained by three 20-inch wheels that are cambered in the rear to increase cornering stability. Also, the EZ-3 USX HD offers powerful brakes on all three wheels, mid-frame suspension and under-the-seat steering.

The EZ-3 USX HD is quite perfect for the casual to intermediate rider, and perfect for sunny days on the bike path or zooming down the boardwalks. The EZ-3 USX features Direct Steering, the new Slotted Seat adjustment system, and rattle-free and infinite-adjust seat struts. The easy to twist 21 speed Shimano gears do the job on hills and speed for straight trails. The parking brake is located on the left handlebar.

The USX-HD frame fits riders from 5’5″ to 6’6″, and has a built in frame shock absorber for a super smooth ride.


Call for a demo ride at our facility!

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Safety & Health Solutions

Recumbent Bike SAFETY TIPS

Tip #1:

Always keep your tires at the correct pressure.

  • Tri-Classic SX: 65psi
  • Tadpole SX: 65psi
  • Eco-Tad SX: 65psi
  • USX-HD: 110psi

Each time you ride 5-10 miles the tubes will lose a few pounds. If the tires are sitting in storage and not ridden, they still lose up to 1-2 pounds per week. This can add up to a flat if you haven’t checked the tire pressure over a few weeks. Always carry a pressure gauge and check before a ride. Smart riders carry an extra tube, tire levers, and a small hand pump.

Tip #2:

Before each ride, visually check the front tire quick release lever to insure it has not been bumped in transporting your bike to the greenway.

Tip #3:

Don’t forget to set the parking brake before exiting the seat.

Tip #4:

Run a safety flag. Recumbents are not visible behind cars in a parking lot, and the only way a car backing out of a trailhead can see you is a safety flag taller than the highest obstruction.

Tip #5:

Carry extra water, and start drinking it BEFORE the ride, as dehydration occurs before you start feeling tired.

Tip #6:

If turning curves at speed on a recumbent, lean forward a few inches and raise you back out of the deep seat back, then lean into the turn a foot of so as if riding a two wheel bike. This shifts your CG and will help to keep all three wheels on the ground. Keeping your back stiff and rigid during a turn only works on turns under 8-10mph.

Tip #7:

Use GT-85 or a good quality silicone spray on the front and rear gears and chain. Never use WD-40 as it allows more dirt and dust to accumulate and form a dark thick greasy film.

Tip #8:

Get a good quality rear view mirror to reduce turning your head to the rear to check traffic.

Tip #9:

Use a bell to warn walkers you are coming up behind them at a faster speed. The high pitched bell travels well over wind noise and nature sounds much better than lower frequency voice.

Solving Health Problems with Recumbent Bikes

  • Handicapped Bikers
  • Disabled Riders
  • Rehabilitative & Functional Exercise
  • Physical Therapy
  • Adaptive Devices

Knee Joint Replacements

Many of our customers that have had one or two knee joints replaced have been sent to us by their orthopaedics doctor recommending exercise of the muscles around the joint without jogging or pounding the area excessively after surgery.

The EZ-3, X-3, Tadpole and USX three wheel recumbent bikes do that well. The rider can build muscle back and extend the joint throw using smooth pedal action. If the leg muscles are weak on hills, they simple gear down a few gears and go slower, but use less pressure. Reduce the joint stress and still continue your exercise!

Back Problems

Most riders with lower back pain, that cannot lean forward and ride a normal bike, can ride a recumbent. The EZ soft mesh seat back gives lower and upper back support while the rider is laying back with less stress on the neck and back.

We have a lot of clients that gave up riding their two wheelers completely, but found they were able to ride the recumbents with lumbar back support with no problems. Neither are they leaning forward, staining their neck and back. They have less stress, less strain, and more lumbar back support on the recumbent bike, compared with no support on the traditional bike.

Weak Legs

In some instances, from problems caused from diabetes, polio, or nerve injuries, riders can handle the recumbents by adding a pedal foot or toe clamp, therefore keeping both feet solid on the pedals on the back turn, and safely applying pressure constantly without slipping. Not only are they getting great cardiovascular exercise, but they are building leg muscles at the same time.

Height Restrictions

Depending on the recumbent bike model, most riders from 5’1″ up to 6’4″ can ride in comfort, since the seat adjusts forward and backward, the backrest moves to any angle and the handlebars can adjust up, down, forward and backward.

Age Range

At the moment, we have had 3 wheel recumbent riders from 9 years of age up to 87 years of age!

Weight Range Limitations

Most bikes have a recommended maximum frame weight of 250 pounds. The USX-HD can support a rider up to 400 pounds with it’s 110 psi tires, and adjustable shock.
Should you have questions concerning any of these, call for a demo ride to verify the bike in mind will work with your leg length, weight range, and seat adjustment range.


Get More Tips

Solving Health Problems with Recumbent Trikes

Best three wheel bikes and Trikes FOR SENIORS

Sun Seeker EZ-TriClassic SX

We have found that trikes like the 21 speed EZ-3 TRI-CLASSIC SX are great for adult seniors, since the seat height is so easy to get on and off. The seat height is 18-20”, the same as an office chair.

So, with the parking brake on you can sit firmly down on the seat before throwing your leg over the trike frame and stay very stabile while boarding.

SENIORS with back problems, joint problems, and stability problems find that the recumbent trikes work great for them in many ways. They also find that no matter how many miles they ride, they always have their comfortable seat with them, to stop, rest while seated, and stay stable.

Even with back problems many choose a 3 wheel trike for seniors with the adjustable angled back rest. The Tri-Classic SX also has adjustable lumbar velcro support straps that can change the back rest mesh curve to best fit the spine. This can eliminate back pain when full back support is set up properly. The SRAM X-3 Shifters work smooth and go through all 21 gears with ease. This trike also has additional tabs on the rear to attach accessories, baskets, lights, safety flags, strobes and even seat extensions for taller riders up to 6’3”.


If a Senior is very tall or has long legs, the USX-HD recumbent trike is another great choice with the same seat height as the Tri-Classic SX.

The 21 speed USX-HD recumbent trike can accommodate riders from 5.5” to 6’6”. It also have a shock absorber built directly into the frame to allow cushioning of speed bumps to soften the ride.

The Heavy Duty Wheels have, not 24 spokes but 48 spokes for extra strength and safety supporting any rider plus load up to 400 pounds. We have seen customers carrying over 100 pounds of golf bags behind the seat of the USX-HD! The tires on the USX-HD take 110 PSI. The longer 78” frame also contributes to the smooth ride because the longer length adds more stability in control at high speeds.

Eco-Tad SX Tadpole

For Adult Seniors who like the Tadpole style trike, the new Sun Seeker Eco-Tad SX Tadpole has a high easy to board seat without having to get down low and have balance problems getting back up.

Three wheel bikes have lots of safety factors over a two wheeler. They are more stable, eliminate any inner ear balance problems, simplify shifting down to just turning a shifter knob, and some have up to three disc brakes for superior braking.

Eco-Delta SX

A newly released Adult Senior Tricycle Sun builds is the Eco-Delta SX. It has a 21” tall adjustable tilt seat, easy to board, adjustable angle seat and back, plus it sports a new cool style handlebar with 7 speed Shimano shifters.

This frame can seat TALL riders over six feet! It has a disc brake in the rear, and standard caliper brake up front, plus a parking brake with auto squeeze release feature.

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Riding and comparing the different designed recumbents helps select the right bike for you, the one that fits YOU the best, and is the most fun to ride. An appointment is advised, as most demos take 1.5 hours to discuss features and ride 3-4 designs. Check the weather and call us at (615) 889-5000 for an appointment.

Bikes must be picked up at our location in Nashville, TN, and are not shippable after assembly. They must be adjusted for leg length and proper backrest angle with the rider. Most can be carried in a van, pickup truck, small lawn trailer, recumbent trike hitch, or large SUV. If you are within driving distance or in the middle Tennessee area, call us! Delivery is available up to a 50 mile radius.

Prices may vary according to global changes in material costs, shipping, labor and availability, so call for current pricing.

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We are located near the Nashville Airport.

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